Singapore’s Weather Year-Round: What to Expect Each Month

October 13, 2023
Singapore's Weather Year-Round: What to Expect Each Month

Explore Singapore’s calendar, where each month has its own weather story. Due to its location on the equator, Singapore has an interesting weather pattern that includes sun, rain, and everything in between. These tips will help you plan your actions, whether you’re coming or living in Singapore. Let’s look at the specific weather trends that make Singapore a great place to visit all year.

January: A Fresh Start with Cool Breezes and Showers

January in Singapore is like a gentle opening act to the year, where the city welcomes you with cool breezes and sporadic showers. This month sits in the heart of the Northeast Monsoon season, offering a refreshing contrast to the typical tropical warmth.

  1. The Weather Scene in January – January in Singapore is often seen as the cooler cousin in the family of months. The temperatures hover pleasantly between 24°C (75°F) and 30°C (86°F), providing a comfortable backdrop for both locals and visitors. The skies are a playful mix of sun and clouds, with rain making its presence known through short, sometimes sharp, showers. These showers are usually fleeting, leaving the air crisp and invigorating.
  2. Embracing the Outdoors, Rain or Shine – Even though it rains sometimes, January is a great month to visit Singapore’s outdoor sites. It’s a great time to take a walk through the Singapore Botanic Gardens or enjoy the lively scenes at Gardens by the Bay because the air is cooler. These places offer covered areas where you can still enjoy the flowers and plants even when it rains.
  3. Festive Vibes and Indoor Alternatives – Events like the Pongal Festival, an Indian celebration of harvest and praise, get people in the holiday spirit in January. It’s a great time to visit Singapore’s indoor sites if you want to stay dry. Museums like the ArtScience Museum and the National Gallery Singapore offer cultural and artistic getaways that are great for exploring on a wet day.
  4. A Month for All – The weather in Singapore in January is just right for everyone, whether you want to enjoy the cool air outside or stay warm inside. The mild weather this month is like a warm hug, and it’s great for easing into the new year with a mix of fun and rest.

In January, Singapore unfolds at a leisurely pace, inviting you to savor its delights under a sky that’s playfully unpredictable. It’s a time of freshness, a cool beginning to the year, setting the stage for the months to come.

February: The Romance of Mild Weather and Festivities

In Singapore, February is a month when the air is filled with holiday cheer and the weather is warm and pleasant. Although the Northeast Monsoon season is almost over, the city is still enjoying cool air and gradually warmer days.

  1. Gentle Transition to Warmer Weather – Singapore’s weather in February often feels like it’s slowly getting warmer after a cool night’s sleep. From 25°C (77°F) to 31°C (88°F), the average temperature starts to rise, but the heat is mild because cool breezes are still around. The city is still getting rain, though not as often as in January. When it does fall, it usually comes in short, cooling bursts that make everything shine.
  2. Celebrating Chinese New Year in Vibrant Hues – This month is brightly colored with the celebrations of Chinese New Year, one of the most significant festivals in Singapore. The streets buzz with preparations and decorations, draped in red and gold, symbolizing luck and prosperity. The weather complements these festivities perfectly, often sunny with cool evenings, ideal for the night markets, outdoor performances, and family gatherings that mark the occasion.
  3. A Perfect Time for Cultural Exploration – The agreeable weather in February encourages exploration. It’s an excellent time to delve into Singapore’s cultural tapestry. Take a walk through Chinatown and Little India, which are both historic areas, or go to one of the busy markets or churches to get into the holiday mood. The slightly warmer afternoons are great for relaxing outside, and the cool nights make you want to check out the lively nightlife.
  4. February’s Indoor Escapes – For those occasional rainy days, Singapore offers a plethora of indoor attractions. Engage with the arts at the Esplanade or catch a show at the Marina Bay Sands theaters. The weather in February supports a balanced experience of indoor comfort and outdoor adventure.

In Singapore, February is a great month for both celebrations and quiet exploring because the weather is warm and the city is full of cultural events. This is the month when the weather seems to join in the fun, making it one of the best times to see the city in all its bright beauty.

March: Transitioning into Warmer Days

March in Singapore marks the gentle shift from the cool freshness of early year to the warmer embrace of the tropics. As the city waves goodbye to the Northeast Monsoon, it welcomes a period of calm skies and rising temperatures, heralding the onset of summer’s warmth.

  1. Warmer Days, Brighter Skies – In March, the weather in Singapore takes a subtle turn towards warmth. The average temperatures start to rise, going from 26°C (79°F) to 32°C (90°F). The weather gets warmer, but it’s still nice. Even though it rains in the city, it’s not the main character in the month’s weather story. Instead, it showers less often and for shorter periods of time. This shift brings about clearer skies, with the sun shining more boldly and the days growing progressively longer.
  2. Outdoor Adventures in the Sun – Things that you can do outside are more enjoyable right now. People like to jog, ride bikes, and have meals in Singapore’s parks and gardens. The East Coast Park and the Southern Ridges are two examples. Beaches also start to get more sunbathers and water sports fans who want to make the most of the warm but still mild days.
  3. Exploring Singapore’s Urban Landscape – The weather in March is also great for seeing the sights in Singapore’s cities. You can watch the art on the streets of Marina Bay or visit Merlion Park, which is known for the Merlion figure. The warm evenings are great for checking out the city’s busy night markets or having a meal on a rooftop with a view of the whole area.
  4. Indoor Escapes from the Heat – As the day goes on, you may want to stay inside where it’s cool. Things to do in Singapore like shopping malls, museums, and art galleries are fun. Right now is a great time to visit museums like the National Gallery Singapore or shops on Orchard Road, which are cool and great for shopping.

March in Singapore is a transition that whispers the coming of summer. It’s a month that combines the remnants of cool weather with the promise of tropical warmth, offering a balanced experience for both outdoor exploration and indoor leisure. In March, Singapore unfolds in a symphony of warm days and breezy nights, inviting you to savor every moment under its ever-changing skies.

April: The Prelude to Heat

April in Singapore is a month that gently nudges you into the embrace of the approaching tropical heat. It’s a prelude to the more intense warmth of mid-year, where the city basks under a sun that shines a little brighter and a sky that holds fewer clouds.

  1. Warmer Days Are Here – When the weather in Singapore starts to get warmer in April, the warmer months of the year truly start. The temperature changes, making the air much warmer, between 27°C (81°F) and 33°C (91°F). It doesn’t rain as much, and when it does, it usually only lasts a short time before the sky clears up again. More water vapor is circulating in the air, making the city feel warmer all day and into the night.
  2. Embracing the Outdoors Before the Peak Heat – April is still a good month to do things outside because it’s not too hot. You can walk along the Singapore River or go to Fort Canning Park first thing in the morning, which is very quiet. Evenings are also nice because there are light breezes that make it easy to enjoy the lively street life in places like Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.
  3. Cooling Off in Singapore’s Waterfronts – Finally getting warm, April is a great month to visit Singapore’s beautiful waterfronts. From the Marina Barrage, you can see beautiful views. It’s also a great spot for picnics and kite flying. While Sentosa Island’s beaches are a nice place to get away, you can just lay on the sand and cool off in the water.
  4. Indoor Retreats from the Afternoon Heat – Since it’s getting warmer in April, it’s a great time to visit Singapore’s lovely waterfronts. The Marina Barrage is a nice, open space to eat lunch or fly a kite with nice views. Go to Sentosa Island and chill out on the beaches there too. You can sit under a palm tree or put your toes in the water.

April in Singapore is a warm invitation to enjoy the last of the milder days before the peak heat arrives. It’s a month that blends the joy of outdoor explorations with the comfort of cool indoor spaces, offering a taste of the tropical summer that’s just around the corner.

May: The Warmth Intensifies

As May unfolds in Singapore, the warmth intensifies, painting the city in vibrant strokes of sun and heat. This month marks a clear stride into the tropical summer, with the city pulsing under a canopy of bright skies and the occasional refreshing rain.

  1. Embracing the Tropical Heat – In May, Singapore fully embraces its equatorial climate. Temperatures range comfortably between 28°C (82°F) and 34°C (93°F), creating a warm blanket that envelops the city. The humidity also rises, adding a lush, tropical feel to the air. While rain is less frequent, when it does shower, it brings a welcome and rejuvenating respite, often in the late afternoons or evenings.
  2. Outdoor Activities in the Early Hours – May’s warm weather makes it fun to do things during the cooler hours of the day. The East Coast Park’s beautiful walks are great for running or riding early in the morning, and the Bukit Timah wildlife Reserve’s wildlife tracks are great for exploring. These greener parts of Singapore offer a refreshing escape from the urban warmth, with their shaded paths and cooler microclimates.
  3. Waterfront Leisure and Evening Strolls – Also, May is a great month to enjoy Singapore’s waterfronts. In the evening, the Marina Bay promenades are lovely because they are open and have beautiful views of the city scenery as the sun goes down. Along Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay, where the nightlife is lively and the mood is full of energy, the cooler air at night makes it easy to take long walks and eat outside.
  4. Cool Retreats Indoors – Singapore has a lot of cool and fun indoor activities for people who want to get out of the afternoon sun. Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium on Sentosa Island to learn about life under the sea, or get lost in the Science Centre Singapore’s future maze. With so many stores and restaurants, the city’s malls are also a great place to get away from the heat and shop, eat, and relax in air conditioning.

The month of May in Singapore is a celebration of the sun. The city shines with life and happiness. In this month, you should go on adventures early in the morning and late at night, but you should also take it easy in the afternoons and enjoy the warm weather in all its sunny beauty.

June: The Start of the Southwest Monsoon

The Southwest Monsoon season starts in June in Singapore. This is a time when the weather changes all the time. The weather is changing slowly this month. The city is having a mix of sunny days and rainy days, making the mood lively and always changing.

  1. A Change in the Weather Tapestry – When the Southwest Monsoon comes through, the weather changes a little. Temperatures stay warm in June, ranging from 28°C (82°F) to 32°C (90°F), but there is a noticeable rise in wind activity. In general, the month has a mix of sunny and rainy days. The rainy days are usually short and provide a welcome break from the heat, happening mostly in the afternoons or evenings.
  2. Outdoor Activities with a Monsoon Twist – The uncertain weather in June makes it a great time to do things outside. On nice days, lots of people like to sunbathe, do water sports, and have family meals at the beaches of Sentosa and East Coast Park. Since it’s windier, it’s also a great time to fly a kite in open areas like the Marina Barrage. When it rains, the city’s parks, like the Botanic Gardens, look beautiful as the lush plants sparkle with raindrops. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place to walk and take pictures.
  3. Festivals and Events in the Monsoon Season – There are also lots of fun gatherings and events in June. With their bright lights and night markets, Hari Raya Puasa events make places like Geylang Serai feel like a party. The Singapore Arts Festival, which usually takes place in June, has shows both inside and outside. It’s a fun way to enjoy culture while the rain is falling.
  4. Indoor Escapes and Experiences – If you’d rather stay inside, Singapore’s indoor sites have a lot to offer. The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum has amazing displays about nature. Orchard Road and VivoCity are great places to go shopping. You can watch a movie at one of the city’s brand-new theaters or take it easy in a café with a view of the rain in the cooler afternoons.

Singapore’s June is a month of extremes. It can be warm during the day and wet in the afternoon. The cool breezes from the Southwest Monsoon make the weather even better. Now is the time to be creative and enjoy the outdoors. If it starts to rain, you can enjoy the city’s indoor activities.

July: Hot and Humid Days

July in Singapore is a time of embracing the quintessential tropical summer. The city basks in the full swing of the Southwest Monsoon season, characterized by hot and humid days peppered with occasional rain, painting a picture of true equatorial weather.

  1. The Heat of the Tropics – This month, Singapore heats up with temperatures often hovering between 29°C (84°F) and 31°C (88°F), combined with high humidity levels that give the air a dense, warm embrace. The heat is palpable, wrapping around you like a blanket as soon as you step outside. Rainfall is sporadic, typically in the form of short, sharp showers that offer a brief respite from the heat.
  2. Seeking Outdoor Fun in the Early Hours – Most of the fun things to do outside can be done early in the morning in July. It’s a better time to go to places like Bukit Batok Nature Park or take a slow walk along the Henderson Waves bridge because the heat isn’t as bad. The cooler hours of dawn are great for enjoying Singapore’s natural beauty without the full heat of the noon sun.
  3. Late Evening Escapes – The temperature in Singapore gets more comfortable as the day ends and night begins. Now is a great time to check out the night markets, eat outside in places like Lau Pa Sat, or enjoy the lively scene at Clarke Quay. People from all over the world come out in July to enjoy the cooler night air, so the evenings are full of activities.
  4. Indoor Retreats from the Midday Sun – During the peak heat of the day, Singapore’s numerous indoor attractions come to the rescue. Shopping malls with air conditioning, like the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, become safe havens for comfort. It’s nice to get away from the heat in museums like the National Gallery Singapore. These museums also have a lot of culture information about the city.

With hot and humid days that slowly give way to cool, lively nights, July in Singapore is a land of extremes. You should change your plan to fit the tropical rhythms, spending time outside early in the morning and late at night and relaxing inside during the day. Singapore has a tropical climate, and this month is a great time to experience the warmer, livelier parts of the city.

August: Dry and Windy Conditions

In August, Singapore experiences a subtle yet noticeable shift in its weather pattern. This month usually has cooler days and a nice breeze, which is a nice break from the hot months before it. Because of the light winds that blow through the streets and open areas, the city feels more open and alive at this time.

  1. A Break from the Humidity – The weather in August is marked by lower humidity levels, making the warmth more bearable. Temperatures still hover around 27°C (81°F) to 31°C (88°F), but the air feels less heavy, and the skies are often clear and bright. Rainfall is less frequent, and when showers occur, they tend to be quick and refreshing, clearing the air and bringing a crispness that is often missing in the tropical climate.
  2. Perfect Weather for Outdoor Exploration – With the milder conditions, August is an ideal month for outdoor activities. When the weather gets warmer, places like the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the MacRitchie Reservoir look even better. You can enjoy trips to these green areas. A day at the beach or riding a bike around the island are also great things to do outside.
  3. Enjoying the Breezy Evenings – The evenings in August are particularly delightful. As the sun goes down, the waves pick up, making it great for taking a walk along the Marina Bay waterfront at night or eating outside in the cooler air. At night, the lively hawker centers and food courts, like Newton Food Centre, turn into busy places where you can enjoy delicious local food while taking in the nice air.
  4. Indoor Attractions in Comfort – For people who would rather stay inside, August’s dry weather makes it easy to enjoy Singapore’s many indoor sights. Without the high heat, it’s more fun to go shopping on Orchard Road, see art in museums, or explore the indoor wonders of places like the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay.

August in Singapore presents a unique blend of dry and windy conditions that invigorate the city. It’s a month that offers a different perspective on tropical living, with clearer skies and a fresher atmosphere, encouraging both outdoor adventures and leisurely indoor experiences.

September: End of the Southwest Monsoon

As September rolls into Singapore, it brings the curtain down on the Southwest Monsoon season. This month is a transitional period, characterized by a gradual return to more frequent rain but retaining some of the dry and breezy charm from August.

  1. A Mix of Sun and Showers – In September, the weather begins to shift again, preparing for the inter-monsoon period. The temperatures remain warm, typically around 27°C (81°F) to 31°C (88°F), but the air starts to regain its humidity. Rainfall becomes more common but usually comes in brief, moderate showers, particularly in the afternoons and early evenings, bringing a refreshing change to the city’s rhythm.
  2. Outdoor Activities with a Rainy Twist – This time of year is still favorable for exploring Singapore’s outdoor attractions. Places like the Southern Ridges offer scenic walks with the added beauty of rain-washed foliage. The rainy days are also great for going to the city’s nature areas and parks, where the air smells like fresh rain and the plants are lush and colorful.
  3. Festivals and Celebrations in the Changing Weather – September is also a culturally rich month, with the Mid-Autumn Festival usually taking place. The weather adds to the ambiance of this festival, where lanterns light up the night sky, and mooncakes are enjoyed. The cooler evenings post-rain are perfect for joining in the festivities, which often include outdoor displays and events.
  4. Indoor Retreats on Rainier Days – Malaysia’s indoor sites are perfect for days when it rains for a long time. It’s a great time to go to indoor theme parks and entertainment centers, go shopping at multiple malls, or a spa day. There are many shows and exhibitions at cultural sites like the Esplanade, making them great places to relax and enjoy the arts.

September in Singapore is a month of balance – a blend of the lingering dryness and the incoming wetter weather. It’s a time to savor the last bits of the monsoon’s breeze and welcome the refreshing return of the rain, making the most of the city’s diverse offerings, both under the open sky and within cozy indoor spaces.

October: Inter-Monsoon Period Begins

In October, Singapore enters the inter-monsoon period, a phase characterized by variable weather. This month is marked by a playful mix of sunny days and sudden, sometimes heavy, showers. It’s a time of unpredictability in the skies, adding a sense of spontaneity to life in the city.

  1. A Weather of Surprises – The inter-monsoon period in October brings with it an eclectic weather pattern. While temperatures generally range between 26°C (79°F) and 31°C (88°F), the humidity starts to build up again, making the days feel warmer. Rainfall is erratic – bright, sunny mornings can quickly give way to afternoon downpours, offering a refreshing contrast to the heat and adding a vibrant dynamism to the city’s atmosphere.
  2. Adapting Outdoor Plans – Being flexible is important when doing things outside in October. It’s a great time to visit Singapore’s many gardens and parks, like the peaceful Chinese Garden or the busy Jurong Bird Park. The rain changes the look of the natural beauty, making it more interesting. During those sunny breaks, riding or discovering the city’s historical trails are still fun things to do.
  3. Festivities in the Fluid Weather – October also hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals. The Deepavali preparations and celebrations in areas like Little India are a burst of color, light, and activity, often enjoyed in the cooler, post-rain hours of the evening. The weather adds to the festive mood, with the rain creating a cooler and more comfortable environment for exploration and enjoyment.
  4. Indoor Alternatives for Rainy Afternoons – If the rain decides to stay, Singapore’s indoor attractions have plenty to keep you busy. Malls like ION Orchard and Suntec City offer more than just shopping. They also have a lot of places to eat and fun things to do. Cultural education can be found in museums and art galleries like the Singapore Art Museum. Indoor play areas and sports facilities offer busy fun for people of all ages.

In Singapore, October is a month of extremes. The weather is just as varied as the city’s attractions. You can enjoy the best of both worlds at this time of year: the sun when it shines and the cool relief of the rain, all while taking in Singapore’s rich mix of life and culture.

November: Rain Returns

In Singapore in November, the rain comes back stronger, bringing with it the start of the Northeast Monsoon season. This is a soft reminder of how things work in nature. People often think of this month as a changeover period because it rains more often and covers the city in a cool, wet blanket.

  1. The Return of Frequent Showers – As November progresses, the weather in Singapore takes on a noticeably wetter character. Temperatures remain warm, typically ranging from 24°C (75°F) to 31°C (88°F), but the increased cloud cover and regular rainfall bring a different kind of warmth – one that’s softer and more humid. The rain in November is more persistent than in the previous months, often lasting longer and sometimes arriving in heavier downpours.
  2. Embracing the Rainy Days Outdoors – Even though it’s raining more, there are still lots of ways to enjoy being outside. For short walks in the park or trips around the city, the rain often comes in spells with clear skies in between. The Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Gardens by the Bay, with their sheltered walkways and stunning greenhouses, offer lovely rainy-day retreats amidst lush, rain-washed flora.
  3. Cultural Events and Indoor Activities – November is also a month for cultural events, like the bright Deepavali parties in Little India. The rain makes the mood better by making the streets into works of art where light and color bounce off of them. People who want to have fun can do a lot of things inside in the city. When it’s not raining, there are lots of things to do inside in Singapore. In the big malls, you can shop and eat. In museums and art galleries, you can learn about art and culture.
  4. A Month to Experience Singapore’s Softer Side – The frequent rains of November bring a softer, more introspective side to Singapore. It’s time to take it easy and enjoy the flow of the rain, whether that means having tea in a nice café, taking a day to relax at the spa, or just staying inside and watching the city change as it rains.

November is a rainy month in Singapore, which makes the city’s beauty different: it’s quieter and makes you think. This is the month to enjoy the calm side of the city, find joy in the simple pleasure of raindrops, and learn about all the fun things you can do inside when the skies clear.

December: Cool and Wet – Northeast Monsoon Starts Again

It’s a new Northeast Monsoon season in Singapore in December, so the skies are full of stories of rebirth. This time of year has cooler temps and more constant rain, which wraps the city in a cool, if wet, hug as the year comes to a close.

  1. The Monsoon’s Cooling Touch – The Northeast Monsoon brings a noticeable change to Singapore’s climate. The temperatures during December usually range between a comfortable 23°C (73°F) and 30°C (86°F). This drop in heat, coupled with the increased cloud cover and frequent showers, gives the city a pleasantly cool atmosphere, a welcome change from the typical tropical heat. The rain, often heavy and prolonged, becomes a rhythmic backdrop to the daily life in the city.
  2. Outdoor Activities in a Cooler Climate – Even though it rains more in December, Singapore’s parks and gardens are still great to enjoy. The cooler weather makes it perfect for taking your time to visit Chinatown, Kampong Glam, and other culture areas of the city. Green areas get a new lease on life when it rains, which makes trips to places like the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay feel good.
  3. Festive Celebrations Amidst the Rain – December is a happy month because of Christmas and New Year’s events in the city. With its sparkling lights and holiday decorations that shine even brighter against the wet streets, the Orchard Road Christmas light-up is a stunning show. The cool, wet nights are great for enjoying these holiday shows and getting into the holiday spirit.
  4. Embracing Indoor Warmth and Comfort – On days when the rain decides to stay, Singapore’s indoor attractions provide warmth and entertainment. Shopping malls are decked out in festive décor, offering a cheerful shopping experience. Cultural venues like the Esplanade host a variety of performances, making for enjoyable indoor entertainment. Cafés and restaurants also become cozy retreats, where you can watch the rain while enjoying a warm meal or drink.

December in Singapore is a blend of cool weather, festive spirit, and rainy day charm. You can enjoy the warmer, more reflective side of the city at this time, whether you’re outside enjoying the cool air and holiday lights or inside getting cozy. With the Northeast Monsoon setting the stage for a peaceful and joyous holiday season, the month is a great way to end the year.